DenTek Deep Clean Bristle Picks 250 ct
DenTek Deep Clean Bristle Picks

DenTek Deep Clean Bristle Picks 250 ct

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DenTek Deep Clean Bristle Picks 250 ct

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Get the pick that gets the job done right.

DenTek's Deep Clean Bristle Picks have a textured pick end for deep cleaning and a bristle pick end that scrubs between teeth. A pick ready for any job. 

Discreetly clean between teeth after every meal.

Keep the spaces between your teeth clean and fresh anytime. DenTek Bristle Picks allow you to clean and freshen your mouth on-the-go.

  • Textured Pick is great for dislodging unwanted food and debris
  • Bristle Pick scrubs away plaque
  • Convenient carrying case easily fits in pocket or purse

250ct package

Instructions For Use

  • Place pick between teeth and gently press against the gum.
  • Use an in and out motion to remove plaque and food particles.

Children's toothbrushes require special attention and monitoring because:

  • Bristle wear occurs quickly because children often brush with uneven strokes
  • Children sometimes chew or bite on their toothbrush bristles

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