GUM Angle Toothbrush

GUM Angle Toothbrush
GUM Angle Toothbrush Sunstar Butler GUM
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GUM Angle Toothbrush
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GUM Angle Toothbrush

Unique Dome Trim Design with Raised Center Row Bristles Help Clean Below The Gumline.

Effective at any angle. Unique raised center row bristles contact tooth surfaces and clean in and above the gumline and between teeth. Reduces gingivitis. Tapered special end-rounded bristles clean in the gumline and between teeth where plaque accumulates. Texturized bristle surface picks up and carries harmful plaque away.
Children's toothbrushes require special attention and monitoring because:

  • Bristle wear occurs quickly because children often brush with uneven strokes
  • Children sometimes chew or bite on their toothbrush bristles

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