GUM Micro Tip Toothbrush
GUM Micro Tip Toothbrush Sunstar Butler GUM

GUM Micro Tip Toothbrush

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GUM Micro Tip Toothbrush

70% More Bristle Tips for a Gentle Effective Clean.
Dome Trim design.
Interdental-cut bristle trim.

The Dome Trim design has been clinically proven to reduce plaque below the gumline. Micro-feathering of inside bristle rows increases bristle tips by 70% and is designed for soft gentle cleaning over a broader surface. Interdental-cut bristle trim aligns with the tooth profile to clean hard to reach places.

For the best results from brushing, you should replace your toothbrush
  • At least every three months
  • When bristles begins to show wear
  • After an illness such as a cold or flu

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