GUM Summit+ Toothbrush

GUM Summit+ Toothbrush
GUM Summit+ Toothbrush Compact Head Soft 505
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GUM Summit+ Toothbrush
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GUM Summit+ Toothbrush

Designed to clean below the gumline and between teeth.
  • Statistically outperforms competition in cleaning and plaque removal.
  • Advanced performance from a unique extremely tapered bristle design.
  • Bi-level bristle removes plaque in areas unreached by conventional bristles.
  • Second level of bristles effectively cleans exposed tooth surfaces.
  • Ultra gentle on gums and tissue.Clinically proven to fight gingivitis and tooth decay.
  • Recommended and dispensed by dental professionals.
  • Effective in maintaining good oral health.

For the best results from brushing, you should replace your toothbrush
  • At least every three months
  • When bristles begins to show wear
  • After an illness such as a cold or flu

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