GUM Travel Toothbrush 158
GUM Travel Toothbrush 158 Sunstar Butler GUM

GUM Travel Toothbrush 158

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GUM Travel Toothbrush 158
TBE Number: BG67
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GUM On The Go Travel Toothbrush 158

A full size toothbrush that folds into a compact travel size!
  • The tri-fold design enables the brush head to fold into the handle, which then becomes a cover for clean and convenient storage in your pocket, purse, suitcase or backpack.
  • The travel toothbrush has multi-level antibacterial bristles to clean deep between teeth and a tongue cleaner to gently remove odor-causing bacteria.*
*Antibacterial properties are built into the bristles to inhibit bacterial growth. The antibacterial properties do not protect you against disease. As always, rinse your toothbrush after use.

#toothbrush #traveltoothbrush #gumbrand

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