Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills

Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills
Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills
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Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills
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15 flosser refills for the Oral-B Hummingbird Power Flosser and Pick. Ergonomically designed for hard-to-reach places. Clinically proven to improve gum health. How to use: Insert so that flosser firmly click into place on the handle. When flossing upper teeth place forefinger on button with thumb supporting underside of flosser. When flossing lower teeth rotate device so that thumb is on button with forefinger supporting topside of flosser. Slide floss between teeth and under gumline using an up-and-down motion to remove plaque and debris. Pull off and discard when finished. Choking hazard: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.

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