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GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners
GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners

GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners

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GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners
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GUM Go Betweens Proxabrush Cleaners

Ideal for cleaning hard to reach spaces, around bridges, implants (tight and ultra tight product), crowns and orthodontics.

Clinically proven plaque removal.

  • Five convenient sizes: Wide, Moderate, Tight, Ultra Tight, Micro Tight
  • Innovative Triangular Bristles/Filament clean better between teeth.* Triangular shaped bristles remove up to 25% more plaque than round bristles.
  • Antibacterial bristle protection.**
  • Coated Wire Protection.
  • Ideal for cleaning between braces, bridges, crowns, implants, orthodontics and hard-to reach places.
  • Recommended by dental professionals.

Easy to use:

  1. Use gentle in and out motions to remove plaque and food particles.
  2. Never force brush into tight spaces. Do not bend or twist wire during use.
  3. Rinse brush and handle after each use.

*Compared to conventional round nylon filament. Data on file.

**Bristles incorporate a patented antibacterial agent for continuous bristle protection during the recommended life of the brush. Bacterial growth that may affect the bristle sis inhibited. The agent in the bristles does not protect against disease. As always, rinse your brush after use.

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