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GUM Super Tip Toothbrush Sunstar Butler GUM
GUM Super Tip Toothbrush Sunstar Butler GUM

GUM Super Tip Toothbrush

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GUM Super Tip Toothbrush
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GUM Super Tip Toothbrush

  • Multi-level Cleaning Action For Healthy Teeth and Gums.
  • Dome Trim bristle design.
  • Green Super Tip bristles.

The GUM Super Tip toothbrush was specially designed to remove bacterial plaque from below the gumline while effectively cleaning all other tooth surfaces. Dome Trim bristle design with raised center bristles are clinically proven to gently clean below the gumline. Green Super Tip bristles clean hard-to-reach surfaces. White bristles clean the tooth surface and massage the gums. Slender neck allows more comfortable reach to all areas of the mouth. Distinctive white handle with specially textured thumb-grip both front and back to ensure slip-free and comfortable brushing.
#toothbrush #gumbrand

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