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more-T Toothbrush
more-T Toothbrush

more-T Toothbrush

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more-T Toothbrush
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more-T toothbrush

This product has been discontinued

World's FIRST T-shaped toothbrush that has been patented in over 100 countries. Feel the difference!

This is the world's FIRST T-shaped toothbrush in dental history that has dared to challenge the effectiveness of the traditional straight-end toothbrush, which was designed to resemble the straight-edge razor. In fact, the straight-end toothbrush has not changed its design since its invention in 1498.

more-T toothbrush provides a comfortable and effective cleaning experience with its soft, DuPont nylon bristles and the T-shaped design. A T-shaped head provides for deep cleaning, and the soft bristles effectively remove plaque and stains. 

Why more-T?

  • T-shaped Head
  • Promotes up-and-down brushing
  • Less physical effort
  • Better at cleaning tongue

Soft Bristles:
  • Protects tooth enamel
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity

#toothbrush #kidstoothbrush #moret

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